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Artistry of Tooth Restoration at Moston Dental Practice

At Moston Dental Practice, we’re delighted to introduce our exceptional dental implant services. Dental implants, the pinnacle of tooth replacement solutions, can transform your smile and enhance your daily life. These remarkable implants replicate the form and function of natural teeth, granting you the joys of effortless eating, impeccable speech, and a revitalised aesthetic charm. 

Our team of devoted experts harnesses cutting-edge technology and techniques, guaranteeing a smooth dental implants treatment in Manchester for every patient. 

Choose Moston Dental Practice for the radiant smile you deserve.

Dental Implants

A Closer Look at Dental Implant Varieties

Missing teeth shouldn’t hold you back from smiling confidently. At Moston Dental Practice, we offer a range of dental implant options tailored to your unique needs and bone structure.

Endosteal Implant

Our most popular choice, the Endosteal Implant, resembles a tiny screw, cylinder, or 

plate. These remarkable implants are seamlessly inserted into your jawbone, providing a strong foundation for your new smile. After a short healing period, a second procedure connects a post to the implant, ensuring your smile is as vibrant as ever.

Subperiosteal Implants

For those with insufficient natural jawbone or those looking to avoid bone augmentation, our Subperiosteal Implants are the perfect solution. Crafted with precision, these implants feature a metal frame that fits snugly below the gum tissue. As your gums heal, the frame becomes securely anchored in your jawbone.

At Moston Dental Practice, we’re committed to enhancing your smile and confidence. Say goodbye to missing teeth and hello to a brighter, happier you. Choose dental implants that suit your unique needs.

Planning Your Dental Implant Journey: Stages Unveiled

Here, we will take you through the transformative journey of Dental Implant Treatment. Our meticulous approach ensures your comfort and success at every step.

Step 1: Consultation

Our skilled dental implants dentist will carefully assess your oral health at your initial appointment. We leave no stone unturned, examining your gums, existing teeth, and jawbone density.

Step 2: Treatment Plan

Based on your unique needs, we’ll create a tailored treatment plan. This encompasses selecting the right implants, determining appointment schedules, considering preparatory procedures like bone grafts, and providing transparent cost estimates.

Step 3: Treatment Phase 

In our Treatment phase, skilled hands delicately place dental implants into your jawbone, ensuring your comfort with local or general anaesthesia. The magic begins as your implants heal, becoming one with your bone through osseointegration. This transformative process might take a few months, but it’s well worth the wait.

Step 4: Restoration Placement

Then, in our Restoration Placement phase, we craft your new teeth precisely. Crowns, bridges, or dentures – we’ll attach them securely onto your implant posts. After a fitting and bite adjustment, your new teeth will feel just like the real deal.

Embark on your dental implant journey with confidence at Moston Dental Practice.

Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

Are you wondering if dental implants are right for you? At Moston Dental Practice, our expert team will guide you to your ideal smile. Dental implants in Manchester are an excellent option if you’re a non-smoker, have missing teeth, and maintain good oral hygiene. 

However, dental implants may not be your best choice if you have uncontrolled medical 

conditions, incomplete jawbone growth, or smoke. Let us help you make the right decision for your oral health.

Dental Implant clinic

From Gaps to Grins: Coping with Multiple Tooth Gaps

If you’re grappling with several missing teeth, look no further than Moston Dental Practice. Our expert team offers a range of solutions, from single tooth implants and multiple-tooth implants to complete mouth restorations.

Our meticulous two-stage process ensures the utmost care and precision for those needing full-mouth dental implants or considering single dental implants or multiple dental implants. We’ll seamlessly place the implant, cover it with gum tissue, and provide a temporary tooth for the gap. Trust our dental experts to attach a supportive abutment at a subsequent appointment. Your oral health is our top priority. Discover your smile’s potential with us today!

The Art of Caring for Dental Implants

At Moston Dental Practice, we’re here to guide you on the path to impeccable dental implant care. Just as you cherish your natural teeth, so should you nurture your dental implants. Our recommendation? Embrace a regimen of exquisite oral hygiene, which entails gentle brushing twice a day with the finest fluoride toothpaste. Regular, delicate flossing is a must, and do grace us with your presence for routine dental check-ups at our esteemed private clinic.

The Art of Dental Implant Care

Are you curious about the wonders of dental implants? Allow us to enlighten you. With our unparalleled expertise, we restore your smile’s allure and enhance its functionality for a lifetime. Opt for a consultation at our clinic and embark on a journey to elevate your oral health and bolster your self-assurance.